I believe a Boudoir and Glamour Portrait Shoot is one of the most fun and life affirming things a woman can do for herself. This is your "me" time, the moment to celebrate being a woman and who you are today, that's why I choose to shoot Boudoir and Glamour Portraits to celebrate and capture the essence of you.

Check out these women's stories and some educational posts then reach out and let's chat about doing this for YOU!! ;)

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SPECIAL LUXURY BOUDOIR EVENT | VINTAGE SPEAKEASY THEMED BOUDOIR | APRIL 29TH UPDATE: It has come to my attention that people are not wanting to book for this event because they don’t want to dress up in a vintage style. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!! You can wear WHATEVER you WANT in any style, genre, […]

February 17, 2023

Dark & Moody, Special Events

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Dark & Moody | Andrea’s Studio Boudoir – Calgary Boudoir Studio

I love women and I love showing women they are BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, SENSUAL, AND MAGAZINE WORTHY TOO with Boudoir Photography!! We are bombarded daily with images online/social media, on billboards on the highway, magazine covers at the store, and on tv of what media and society deems the “perfect body”, the “perfect hair”, the “perfect […]

December 8, 2022

Dark & Moody, Inked Sessions

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