You are here and you are wanting to celebrate you, gain some confidence, empower yourself to embrace your sexuality, and to have some fun!! You came to the right place because I love celebrating ALL hhumans and showing them how beautiful and sensual they are....every single one belongs on a magazine cover!

I typically respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours and I love emojis and exclamation points, plus my liberal use of "lol"; just a warning! ;)

You will read over the info I send and schedule a zoom or in person meeting so we can get familiar (sounds fun, right?!)

Then you say, "YASSS Kelly, I HAVE to HAVE YOU!"

That's when the contract and invoice are sent over online. Once that's completed the real fun begins as we put together your amazing glam session!

I am a Female Boudoir Photographer; my studio is a safe space for all (you must be 18+ for boudoir services; no minors allowed!)

Males are welcome for a Dudoir session, but please keep in mind for my safety I have limitations on what I will shoot and I will ensure that someone else is present for my personal safety.

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